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Find AutoMeter 990414 AutoMeter Speedometer Right Angle Adapters and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These AutoMeter speedometer right angle adapters are made of high-quality brass. They are designed to be used at the back of the instrument and are not intended to be installed on transmissions. These AutoMeter speedometer right angle adapters accept standard 5/8 in ...Load Capacity 5000 Max Travel Speed 9.6 Max Lift Speed 59 Max Gradeability Full Load 21 Basic Right Angle Stack 93.1 8FBCU28 Load Capacity 5500 Max Travel Speed 9.3 Max Lift Speed 55 Max Gradeability Full Load 17 Basic Right Angle Stack 90.3

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Right angle speedo drive Any suggestions as to where one might acquire a right angle mechanical speedo drive for a type 9 'box and 3.9 diff? None at CCC or Redline.
This paint will allow you to properly restore your gauge needles to their original factory appearance. Above you will see an actual photo of a speedometer that had a faded, “washed out” gauge needle. The image on the right is the same speedo after being restored with our product. Notice how the crisp color changes the appearance of the gauge. Model: Speedo Square Shaft Key : OEM: 12-163 : Product: Speedo Square Shaft Drive Key (Not for Arctic Cat or Polaris - See Comments) 3 Images Click to Enlarge: Description: Flexible drive link that couples the track drive shaft and the right angle speedometer drive unit. Fits most 1975-1985 Moto-Ski and 1979-1995 Ski-Doo models and many others.

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Speedometer Right Angle Gear Elimination. The right angle speedometer gear under the dashboard is a known weak link in the Pre-HE's speedometer cabling system. To further complicate this problem, this part is no longer available from Jaguar. When this part failed I decided to eliminate it. Below is a picture of the two speedometer right angle drives used on the pre-HE's XJ-S.
The steering angle sensor (SAS) is a critical part of the ESC system that measures the steering wheel position angle and rate of turn. A scan tool can be used to obtain this data in degrees. The SAS is located in a sensor cluster in the steering column. The cluster always has more than one steering position sensor for redundancy and to confirm ... Mar 17, 2014 · The early ones had the right angle drive that is part of the speedo. The gear boxin your photo looks like the one from the later speedo, and I would have expected it to fit, perhaps the case is an repro item. The gearboxes are a often a cause of broken cables, and on my machine I have moved the clock to right to give a better run

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1955-1982 Gm Tachometer Speedo Cable Right Angle Adapter Chevy Pontiac Buick New. ... Nos Sw 1.0 Tachometer Adapter Angle Drive Speedometer Speedo Tach Detroit Diesel.
Find the right size and style of speedo drive gear for your vehicle at where you can get the best selection of aftermarket upgrades. Finding the Right Part 4 Wheel Parts has an exceptional selection of speedometer drive gears for many kinds of vehicles. Tachometer Cable Connector Housing …(W450); Replaces: Connector housing: 369692R1 * For use with Nylon gear with metal shaft IHS1905* IHS3119 retainer clip is not included* If you have a 300, 330, 350, 400, 450, 600, or 650 with the ALL NYLON (shaft and gear) tachometer drive assembly, then you must order tachometer drive gear IHS1905

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Angle Drives and Ratio Boxes are used to alter rotation and ratio. They also allow for application of a cable to tight area's. It must be remembered that common speedometer cable of 3.2 or 3.8mm does not like to rotate in excess of 2700rpm. Beyond this the cable will be subject to forces that might cause it to delaminate.
1699650100 Speedometer Angle Drive on Transmission - Replaces OE Number 911-318-029-00. ... When searching for the right speedometer drive gear for your vehicle, you ... MAKING OF A P/N - TYPE RIGHT ANGLE SPEEDOMETER DRIVEDid you know that Jay Leno makes parts for his older cars using the same process I do? I'm sure he started this method before me, but he has a deeper wallet! I was fortunate in having received an original speedometer drive with my PB. The housing was all cracked and nothing turned but all the pieces were there for me to recreate it. My first ...

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The mobile speedometer tester of claim 1 further comprising a bellcrank spur rigidly attached to said spur leg at an approximately right angle, a length of said bellcrank spur being greater than a distance between said bellcrank attach point and a lower edge of said trailer frame, whereby said main wheels are forced out of contact with the ... I have found an original Smiths right angle speedo drive in my box of bits. I am not sure if it is suitable for a 5" Speedo though. It probably came in a box of stuff that had a head, headlight or Miller tail light. The part number(s) are: BG 2410/00-A. If someone can tell me if it is...

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The mobile speedometer tester of claim 1 further comprising a bellcrank spur rigidly attached to said spur leg at an approximately right angle, a length of said bellcrank spur being greater than a distance between said bellcrank attach point and a lower edge of said trailer frame, whereby said main wheels are forced out of contact with the ...
Right Angle Adapter for Flexshafts, P/N 407010-F . Drive tip: 0.104” square, Thread: 5/8”-18. On the Moss Europe Website the part number for the angle drive is 120694 or just type in "angle drive" The thread on the TD gearbox is 3/4"x26 BSB and M12x1mm on the back of the speedo.. I don't know what the MGB thread is.

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These are some JPEG's out of the Stewart Warner catalogue listing Speedometer gear reducers along with the page which lists out other gear reductions available. They were sent to me by Pete who figured that with a lot of us changing out the ring & pinions and going with bigger tires on our vehicles that it might be useful info.
It is driven from the car's speedometer cable by means of a 'T-Gear' (a right-angle drive take off) which screws in between the speedo cable and speedometer and another similar cable. In a couple of minutes you can swap gears to allow for different axle ratios or tyres and change to miles or kilometers, provided you have set it up beforehand.

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American Bantam Speedometer Angle Drive Application: Series 65 and onward Civilian Bantams. Top right illustrates the manner in which the angle adapter interfaces with the speedometer. Stewart Warner part number 65535 (or P-65535). In the 2nd – 4th photos you can see a brass threaded portion which is fit into the angle adapter.
sku: n31601aa167 holden right hand speedo angle drive t350 turbo 400 t700 muncie powerglide